Monday, June 15, 2015

Brooklyn's Save The View Now "Deeply Disappointed" by Pierhouse Decision

Photo by MK Metz
On Friday, Judge Knipel ruled that developers and Brooklyn Bridge Park didn't violate any laws in allowing the Pierhouse hotel/residential complex to be built taller than previously agreed, obscuring the view of part of the Brooklyn Bridge from the Promenade.

The massive Pierhouse, plopped in Brooklyn Bridge Park, looks too big for the available space -- something even the judge noted. But the thing is still legal, he ruled.

According to the Brooklyn Eagle: While an understanding with the community on height limits may have been reached, those limits were not incorporated into the Modified General Project Plan (MGPP), Knipel wrote.

Knipel also ruled that the plaintiffs waited too long to sue, because the action was subject to a four-month Statute of Limitations.

Plaintiff Save The View Now says: "We are deeply disappointed in the outcome, and strongly disagree with the Judge's findings, most notably that the agreements reached with the community in 2005/2006 are not legally enforceable. What is the purpose of negotiating and reaching agreements with the public if they are not meant to be binding?"

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