Sunday, June 14, 2015

Stringer, James: Don't Let Your Landlord Harass You Out of Your NYC Apartment After Rent Regulations Expire Monday

Unless the state legislature passes new legislation, the laws that protect rent regulated apartments expire on Monday. Many New Yorkers are panicking, because this iss 47 percent of New York City's housing stock.

Comptroller Scott Stringer advises:

* If you have a lease or have been offered a new lease by your landlord – do not panic. These documents are legally binding, and your rent will not increase immediately.

* If you are one of the few New Yorkers whose lease expires while there are no laws protecting regulated units . . . stay in your apartment and not give in to pressure or harassment from your landlord. The last time rent laws expired – for 48 hours in 2011 – the new regulations were enacted retroactively, protecting those whose leases had expired when there were no regulations. If the rent laws expire on June 15, it is within the power of New York State’s lawmakers to pass similarly retroactive measures.

*If you experience harassment from your landlord – or have questions about how any of these changes affect you and your home – call Stringer's Community Action Center at (212) 669-3916.

Public Advocate Letitia James gives the same advice and says, "We will provide legal help for ANY tenant facing harassment." Her help line is: 212-669-7250

UPDATE: @JimmyVielkind tweeted:
"A bit of news: #nyassembly Speaker @CarlHeastie says his house will pass two-day extension of rent regulations tomorrow."

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