Friday, September 18, 2015

Brooklyn Heights = Gotham City This Week

Photos by MK Metz
On Wednesday and Thursday, Brooklyn Heights turned into Gotham City as Fox's hit TV show "Gotham" filmed in Brooklyn (again).

Gotham City police vehicles and ambulances parked on Montague and Court Streets as filming took place in St. Ann's Church. Stars Ben McKenzie (Jim Gordon) and Erin Richards (Barbara Kean Gordon), along with other assorted cast and crew, strolled around Montague Street between takes.

Ben McKenzie (Jim Gordon)

Erin Richards (Barbara Kean Gordon) under that curly mop of hair.

Heavily armored Gotham City police vehicle. Photos by MK Metz
Tune in to Fox starting Sept. 21 for the next season. (More photos here.)

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