Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cobble Hill Association Dissenters Succeed in Forcing Out Leader Roy Sloane

Fortis' plans for the LICH site, center. Williams New York
 Those working to dump Cobble Hill Association's Acting President Roy Sloane got their wish on Wednesday when he submitted his resignation, the Brooklyn Eagle reports.

Sloane had been the subject of a campaign by two dozen Cobble Hill Association dissenters who thought he operated CHA as a "closed club," and who disagreed with his strategy of "engaging in dialogue" with Long Island College Hospital's (LICH) probable developer Fortis.

“The issue is about both who will lead the battle to limit development on the LICH site and how it will be conducted,” the dissidents said in a letter last week demanding Sloane’s replacement. 

Sloane said the engagement process wasn't solely his idea, but was "developed by local elected officials and led by Councilmember Brad Lander."

 Nonetheless, in his resignation letter, Sloane said he was stepping aside “to facilitate an orderly change in leadership.”

“It’s a new day for the CHA,” one of the dissenters told the Eagle.

Will fresh blood reinvigorate the fight against LICH's development? Or muddle the process championed by Brad Lander?

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Anonymous said...

I'd say Cobble Hill is f#$)%*ed. Roy is a good man and the 12 couples who threw him out are a bunch of yahoos.