Monday, September 28, 2015

Chinese Autumn Moon Festival Held in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams was the host of the Chinese Autumn Moon Festival at Brooklyn Bridge Park on Saturday. The annual festival gives thanks for the mid-autumn harvest of rice and wheat.

The event included cultural performances, booths, a children’s lantern parade, and traditional food, including moon cakes and a whole roasted pig, which was given the ceremonial first chop by BP Adams.

The event brought Chinese and Americans together for a nice day out.

Several dance groups entertained the crowd at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Photos by MK Metz

The ferocious lion dancers.

Aww. The lion has a soft side for kids.

What's this? A giant Mickey, Minnie and Panda join the lion dancers.

There were booths with games and activities, like his photo booth.

BP Adams takes a whack at the roasted pig. Photos by MK Metz

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