Monday, April 7, 2008

Brooklyn Bridge Park Memorial Garden Mystery Solved

The mystery of the disappearing daffodils at Brooklyn Bridge Park's Memorial Garden has been solved.

Nancy Webster, Deputy Director of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, has set the record straight about the non-happening memorial. Here's her letter:

We saw your posting today about the Memorial Garden on Pier 4 and wanted to let you know about the bulbs.

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy organized volunteers to plant 25,000 daffodils bulbs as a temporary Memorial Garden for 9/11. Due to the nearby saltwater, and the soil conditions, all the bulbs died over the intervening years, and none have bloomed for the past two years. This project was a renewing experience for both the Conservancy and the over 600 volunteers who came on weekends and in the evenings to prepare the site and plant the daffodils. We hope it was for the Brooklyn community as well.

Nancy Webster
Deputy Director
Director of Marketing and Communications
Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy


Anonymous said...

I am glad there was no foul play here and thank you for responding to the question about daffodils.

This could be a learning lesson as the park goes forward and deciding about what and what not to plant---must be able to survive next to salt water/wind etc...

Anonymous said...

FYI--I believe that Conservancy is not repsonsible for the "building" of the "park" nor the removal of the Purchase building. I believe your comments should be directed tothe Development Corp. instead. IMO.

Isn't this so McBrooklyn?

Anonymous said...

Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom, Let A Hundred Thoughts Contend, And Maybe, Oh Maybe, We Will OnE Day Have A Real park with All This Money We Spend!

Anonymous said...

I remember when they were sad.

mcbrooklyn said...

To 10:59: Um, who ever said the Conservancy was responsible for the building of the park?

The direct quote from McBrooklyn is: "This 'site preparation' work will eventually include the demolition of five pier shed buildings on Piers 1-6, demolition of the Purchase Building; demolition of three buildings adjacent to Piers 2, 3 and 6; and the removal of trees, vegetation, and 'miscellaneous site elements,' according to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation."

The Conservancy did, however, plant the flowers, so it was appropriate that the Conservancy addressed that issue.

Anonymous said...

mcbrooklyn maybe 1059 was responding to those in previous threads---you did jump threads btw--and all huff about misuse and squandering of public monies on personal things and still no park.. you know the consultants, lunches , more consultants, studies, lunches a couple of drinks, maybe a hotel room WE"RE TALKING MILLIONS AND MILLIONS HERE YOUR MONEY MY MONEY and nothing.

Not a park, just a plan to take down stuff. AND then Ask for More Money, or BEtter Have A congestions pricing Plan for USe of the PArk to pay for parks--Cause new PArks in Brooklyn Have to be Paid For DONTYou Know!?
Jack the Expenses up and Then You've got to Have CONDOHotelsSEXYLUXuRy to pay for the Grass and VIew.

And yes some flowers planted in earnest took a hit and it's sad and it's not the conservancy's fault.

But The Development Corp Will Never Respond to The Fraud. And they Can't Build iT With The Money They'Ve already Blown.

BooNDoggle BRooklyn STyle

Anonymous said...


Sounds like you've got an opinion on the BB Park. If you've got some facts, please share them, as by now, we know how you feel.

Anonymous said...

1032 DiSmiss mEE With Your sTufF, But YoU'Ll SeE, wHEn YoU DOn"t sEE---A ReAl Park thAt Is fRee for yOu anD Me.
ThIs IS,

BooNDoggLe BrookLyn sTYLe

Anonymous said...

Looks like not everyone took their special treats today.

Maybe another flower planting would be a good thing?