Monday, September 17, 2007

BacChANAL Party at the Canal

We recently received a reminder to purchase advance tickets ($25 each) to the Gowanus Dredgers' BacChANAL Party on Thursday, Sept. 20 from 5-9 p.m. (Visit their website.)

BacChANAL is a kid friendly event where families arrive early for entertainment by Billy Bones the Pirate, canoe rides and a barbecue. It is a bit more rocking later in the evening, when the music starts at sunset (and forecasts call for a beautiful evening).

Funds raised support their otherwise FREE programming.


Anonymous said...

This overpriced shindig is sponsered by almost every major developer who will have a hand in destroying the ecosystem of the canal (Toll Brothers, Bromly-Green etc.).

What's up with THAT?!

Anonymous said...

The web site shows no major sponsors for this party. Where did you get this information? Tickets can be purchased through NYCharities web site. I see that past Dredgers support has come from: American Canoe Association
Browse Realty
Citigoup Foundation
Citizens Committee for New York City
Comfort Inn of Long Island City
Commerce Bank
Deutch Bank Americas Foundation
Gowanus Industrial Park
Independence Community Foundation
NY-NJ Harbor Estuary Program
Park Slope Civic Council
Rockrose Realty
Silvercup Studios
Verdant Power
And hundreds of little contributors.

Anonymous said...

The info about sponsorship was on the back of the postcard sent out by the Canoe club.
In black and white.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the Dredgers are taking funds wherever they can, and hoping they can get a few points across to the developers before they start building. And obviously, the developers are trying to look like responsible citizens. Plus, a clean canal with little boats and maybe even docks would look so nice on the sales brochures.

Lisanne said...

Apparantly the Dredgers have decided to "work with the developers" rather than question just what the hell they are buliding on toxic soil, building in a neighborhood with a sewage system that can barely handle the residents that live here and also building on swamp land.. the army corp of engineers is a crock , look what a great job they did in New Orleans..this is serious shit and I mean that quite literally...hope the kiddies have good time canoeing through a toxic shit filled canal, but OH! THE PARENTS SIGNED A RELEASE! and paid 25 bucks for it too...hey i live on Bond between 1rt & 2nd and there is NO WAY in hell i would EVER let my kids paddle on the Gowanus..pirate or no pirate...

Anonymous said...

Ahoy Gowanus neighbors,

For the record, The Gowanus Dredggers support the cleanup of the Canal and it's environs and encourage both exiisting businesses as well as new developments to clean up their act. Hopefully, someday the waterway will be clean enough to entice Lisanne to allow her kids to experience canoeing and kayaking in Brooklyn and Queens.

Our "overpriced" party supports our FREE programming so for those who prefer free, we'll see ya on Sunday, September 30 from 10:00am-2:00pm.

Forgive us for not listing our new supporters on our website but they and the +50 local small business supporters of this event will be listed once we have a moment.

Owen Foote
Gowanus Dredger