Friday, May 24, 2013

Because of GoogaMooga, Sections of Prospect Park Will Be Closed Most of the Summer

After the Great GoogsMooga food fest, "Nethermead meadow is in severe distress and is in far worse condition than it was left in from the fiasco last year," parks advocate Anne-Katrin Titze told Brooklyn Magazine.

Sections of the Nethermead will be off limits for most of the summer while the meadow is reseeded.

Really, GoogaMooga? Why was this mega-production held in a park and not in a parking lot?

The Parks Department used to allow the same thing to happen at Cadman Plaza Park in Brooklyn Heights/ Downtown Brooklyn. Ironically, after they replaced the "Dustbowl" with artificial turf, they finally forbid news trucks from driving on the field.

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