Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Brooklyn Man Arrested in $6.7 Million Facebook Scam

The FBI and IRS arrested three men including Aaron Muschel, 63, of Brooklyn yesterday on charges they stole $6.7 million in a Facebook scam.

The trio told an investor they had special access to hard-to-get Facebook shares prior to the company’s initial public offering. The investor ("G.C") wired them millions of dollars between February and March 2012.

The alleged fraudsters used the money to invest in other businesses and make loans.

Besides Muschel, the other men arrested are Eliyahu Weinstein, 37, of Lakewood, New Jersey and Alex Schleider, 47, of Lakewood.

Weinstein used some of the money to pay lawyers representing him in a pending $200 million real estate investment fraud scheme.

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