Friday, May 17, 2013

Great GoogaMooga Promises More Googa, Less Mooga

The organizers of the great mash of hungry hipster humanity known the Great GoogaMooga say they have learned from last year's snafus in Prospect Park and promise more food, water, cashiers, crowd-control and cell towers, and less endless lines, according to their website.

While some who attended last year's music and food fest swear they will never go back, the $79 VIP tickets (and the freebies) for this weekend's festival are sold out.

Restaurants told the NY Daily News they are coming prepared: Do or Dine, in Bedford-Stuyvesant, is getting ready to sell 4,000 foie gras doughnuts for $10 each. (Wonder how many geese it takes to make one doughnut?)

The kickoff concert tonight features the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Flaming Lips and the Darkness.

Photo: Great GoogaMooga

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