Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Downtown Brooklyn, Downtown Brooklyn, Downtown Brooklyn

Photo: Downtown Brooklyn, by MK Metz
It's been ten years since Downtown Brooklyn was rezoned. More than 15,000 new residents have moved in, and that number could triple.

Has the rezoning been a success -- or has the city neglected planning necessary infrastructure like schools, traffic measures and hospitals? The media is all over it today:

- Downtown Brooklyn seen as "shining example" of the success of rezoning. [Crains]

- But Downtown residents complain that thousands of people are moving and and there aren't enough schools. [NY1]

- Come to think of it, there aren't any elementary schools in Downtown Brooklyn at all. [DobroSchools]

- And they just sold the hospital -- to develop 1,000 more residences. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- Today, De Blasio is going to re-introduce Downtown Brooklyn's makeover, started under Bloomberg. (Hope that hot air balloon over the entrance to the bridge disappears, though...) [WSJ]

 - Party like the French in Downtown Brooklyn: There's going to be a Bastille Day party this Saturday in Downtown Brooklyn at MetroTech, with a petanque tournament, food and music. [Downtown Brooklyn]

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