Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mom Buried in Trash; New Pot Policy; and More Brooklyn Briefs

Remember when de Blasio used to say, "We need hospitals, not condos"  and "Save LICH?" That was before we elected him Mayor. Photo: MK Metz

- Police digging through 3 feet of garbage in a Brooklyn kitchen discovered the bones of a woman buried under the trash, and her emotionally-distrubed daughter in the kitchen. [NY Daily News]

- The Brooklyn district attorney’s office announced on Tuesday that it would stop prosecuting most low-level marijuana cases. Just don't try to smoke around kids.  [NYT]

- Fifth Avenue Record and Tape Center in Park Slope is closing after 42 years in business. [Racked] The shop had almost closed in 2009.

- Joey "Jaws" Chestnut may have won the Conry Island hot dog eating contest, but in South Dakota, a 47-year-old man choked to death during a similar competition. [CBC]

- U.S. Attorneys offices in Brooklyn and Colorado have been investigating Citibank, and the bank may have to pay a $7 billion fine for defrauding investors. [IBTimes]

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