Monday, July 14, 2014

The French Storm Brooklyn's Smith Street for Bastille Day 2014

Photos ©2014 MK Metz
Thousands gathered on Smith Street in Brooklyn on Sunday for the 13th annual Bastille Day celebration -- the biggest Bastille celebration in the U.S.

French folk and those who love them crowded the street to drink Pastis, watch the famous petanque tournament, stick their heads in the guillotine, eat French food and party at Bar Tabac, a major sponsor.

French hats and sunglasses are a must!

Just ask this guy . . .

Viva the French! (and sponsor French apéritif co. Ricard)

Smith Street was covered with sand by John Quadrozzi's cement company for the petanque tournament. In petanque, competitors throw metal balls (boules), trying to get close to a little ball called a "pig" (cochonnet).

This year was extra special as a large video screen was set up for spectators to watch the finals of the World Cup between Germany and Argentina.  In extra time, victory for Germany. What a game!

All photos ©2014 MK Metz

 Brooklyn's Bastille Day event was founded 10 years ago by Bette Stoltz along with restaurants Bar Tabac and Robin des Bois (now shuttered), and is sponsored by French apéritif company Ricard.

The actual holiday, which commemorates the storming of the Bastill in 1789, taks place on July 14 but in Brooklyn, it always takes place on Sunday.

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