Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Neighbors Say Their Health Is Shot from Brooklyn Bridge Rehab -- and Their Cats' Nerves Are Shot, Too

Rehab equipment on the Brooklyn Bridge, by MK Metz
Brooklyn Heights residents of a building just south of the Brooklyn Bridge have been suffering from dust and 24/7 construction noise -- all-night back-up beeps and teeth-rattling jackhammers -- for roughly three years, and they say it's making them sick.

Roberto Gautier, who lives at 140 Cadman Plaza West, told the Brooklyn Eagle that residents of the building have experienced “almost continuous sleep deprivation” since the city started rehabbing the Brooklyn Bridge.

People have heart palpitations and rashes. They go to work "not with it."

A number of cats in the building are also exhibiting symptoms brought on by stress, another resident told the Eagle. "They’re the canaries in the coal mine," she said.


Complaints: Brooklyn Bridge construction noise, dust ruining neighbors' health Brooklyn Eagle

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