Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Brooklyn Judge, Like Soloman, Divides a Kingdom in Half

According to the Hebrew Bible and Wikipedia, when two women came before King Solomon to resolve a quarrel about which one was the true mother of a baby, Solomon suggested dividing the child in two with a sword, thus revealing the true mother (who was totally against the idea).

According to the Brooklyn Eagle, a bitter divorce case in Kings County Supreme Court led to a judge’s order that the battling couple build a wall down the middle of their Williamsburg house (at least until the divorce is finalized).

The couple -- married for 21 years -- is obviously over the whole marriage thing. It's gotten to the point where "he even blows out Shabbos candles to harass her."

That's it -- once Shabbos candles are getting blown out, it's splitsville. After they work out out who gets the bathroom, we say: build that wall!

Art: War of  the Roses by Prudence Brown (prudencebrown121), Creative Commons license, some rights reserved

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