Monday, July 26, 2010

'Spit-a-Pit' Contest Returns to Ditmas Park and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Long Island guy is Lord of the Coney Island Sandcastles. NY Daily News 

- The Spit-a-Pit contest returns for the second year to the Greenmarket in Ditmas Park.  Ditmas Park Blog 

- Brooklyn's unemployment rate is well above the state and national average.  Brooklyn Eagle 

- Park Slopers are overjoyed after a decrepit property on Garfield Place was finally sold last week. Brooklyn Paper

- "Parking minimums" force new developments to include huge garages. Now, according to Atlantic Yards Report, Downtown Brooklyn interests are starting to mobilize against them.

- The Brooklyn Botanic Garden commissioned Patrick Dougherty to create a huge sculpture made of woven saplings and twigs.  Brooklyn Eagle

- MTA layoffs mean more MetroCard readers clogged with dirt.  Gothamist 

- That email from a traveling friend begging for a loan is probably bogus.  Gothamist

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