Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Manhattan Bridge About to Get Annoying, Radioactive Waste in Williamsburg, and More Brooklyn Briefs

- The Manhattan Bridge is going to become a lot more annoying for both bikes and cars in January.  Gothamist

- A radioactive waste storage facility in Williamsburg may be forced to move to another location. Brooklyn Eagle 
- Summer is a time for love -- and cheap-ass wedding gifts!  Brokelyn

- A man is mugged while putting on cologne in a phone booth. (Who knew there were still phone booths?)  BHB 

- Seems like almost anybody can drive a terrorist around JFK's fuel tanks at night, without even getting a full-body scan. AP 

- Ringo Starr is turning 70 today, and for his birthday he asks that everybody say the words: "Peace and Love" at noon. Gothamist 

- This week kicks off Piper Theater's free outdoor summer performances in the courtyard of the Old Stone House. Brownstoner

- Everything you need to know about the Queen's visit to New York City yesterday.  Huff Post

- What really happens to you when you are bitten by a rabid raccoon.  NY Magazine  

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