Friday, July 16, 2010

City Council Members Rally Today to Keep Subway Booths Open

A group of New York City Council members sent us a release saying that they will be gathering on the steps of City Hall today at noon to urge the passage of Assembly Bill 1483, which would keep 89 subway booths open and avoid laying off more than 200 additional Station Agents.

The bill would prevent the MTA from closing additional station booths (260 Station Agents have already been laid off) until "competent authorities" can complete a study on the advisability of such a move, especially considering the role station agents play in keeping the subways safe.

Council members say that Station Agents are 'the eyes and ears' of our subway system and removing this important layer of security in this error of terrorism will leave our public transportation network deaf and blind.

Going to City Hall: Melissa Mark-Viverito, Letitia James, Brad Lander, Jumaane D. Williams, Margaret Chin, Daniel Dromm, Julissa Ferreras, Jimmy Van Bramer, Deborah Rose and TWU Local 100.

Like we said before: We would be all for mass transit service cutbacks if the MTA would only add one requirement: that every single MTA employee, from the chairman on down, ride the subway or bus every time they had to get somewhere in New York City.

Photo courtesy of MShades, Creative Commons license.

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Anonymous said...

These people should have been laid off long before service routes were cut back. They are almost invariably rude, unhelpful, sloppy, and uncommunicative. And, LOL, no I don't think they are valuable assets against terrorism.