Monday, July 5, 2010

McBrooklyn Back in Brooklyn -- Hey Some Crazy Stuff Been Going On Here

 We're back in Brooklyn after a whirlwind trip through the Northwest -- above is one last photo of the Oregon coast, taken from Highway 101.

Seems like we missed some crazy stuff while we've been out of town!

- Disturbed ex-champ "The Tsunami" Takeru Kobayashi was arrested at Nathan's hot dog eating contest;

- A guy from Brooklyn sued Yoo-Hoo;

- West Nile mosquitoes came swarming back;

- Trouble returned to Brooklyn's Broadway Triangle;

- Russian spies were meeting in Fort Greene;

- The bike lane on Prospect Park West caused a ruckus;

- Tenants fought the landlord at the Riverside Apartments in Brooklyn Heights;
- An amateur Brooklyn physicist constructed a homemade fusion reactor;

- Willowtown was ruined by Pier 6;

- Dennis the pigeon escaped;

- Hassids protested vodka ads featuring brazen bakini babes; babes pointed their butts at MTA.

Thank goodness we've made it back to civilization!

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