Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baseless But Fun Rumors: Hooters in Brooklyn Heights? Cobble Hill?

There's nothing like a good baseless rumor to cheer up a drab, dull day. Today, we are trying to debunk/confirm the rumor that a Hooters is moving into the old Busy Chef property at Henry and Cranberry Streets in Brooklyn Heights.

Three people have mentioned it to us so far -- which makes it a virtual slam dunk -- but we persist in thinking it's ridiculous! Isn't it? Please?

In researching the Brooklyn Heights rumor, we ran across the NIMBY Brooklyn blog, which maintains that a Hooters is planning on moving into the old Blockbuster Video store at 288 Court Street in Cobble Hill.

What is it with these Hooters rumors? Is it a collective hallucination brought on by too much presidential politics? Or something more sinister?

Here's the research on the Blockbuster site: ACRIS says that University Place Partners with Madison Realty Capital bought 288 Court Street in June for $3,700,000. Brownstoner writes that the buyer goes under the name of Broadmill Development. Pardon Me For Asking reported in July that a "Retail Store for Lease" banner had been hung on the property.

No word yet on whether Hooters snagged the lease.

As for the Busy Chef Hooters, we remember when the rumor mill said an IHOP was moving onto the corner. Alas, we ended up with Busy Chef, and the rest is history.

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Photo by Noelweather, Creative Commons license

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Anonymous said...

There were signs posted on the wooden barrier surrounding the old Busy Chef saying that this was the future site of Hooters. A couple of days later the signs came down.

Anonymous said...

Henry and Cranberry? Doesn't sound like a likely area for a Hooters...Same with anywhere on Court. Up around Fulton Mall would seem a more likely place, maybe they could stomp further on the hearts of old Brooklynites by moving into the Gage & Tollner/TGI Friday's space.

Kevin Fitzpatrick said...

Wow, that would be great to get some wings and pitchers of beer at that spot. I hope it happens.

Anonymous said...

FYI. jokesters posted those signs on the 2nd ave deli space after it closed. Not to say it won't happen, but it seems pretty silly to me.

Anonymous said...

It would be great to have one but I highly doubt it. Pseudo-intellect politicio types in that neighborhood would protest as cruelty against ugly soccer moms stuck in Cobblestone townhouses with bratty kids.

I love Hooters but one in the city totally blows. They had flat chested Asian girl serving us one time. I mean my buddy's hooters were bigger than hers.