Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Aaron and Jennifer Hillis Crowdsource 'Video Free Brooklyn' Fundraising

Last week we wrote about Aaron and Jennifer Hillis' plan to reinvent 'Video Free Brooklyn,' a hold-out DVD-rental store in Cobble Hill.

Aaron Hillis is editor of GreenCine Daily and programmer at the independent cinema reRun at reBar in DUMBO.

Now the pair are trying to raise $50,000 via the crowd-sourcing site indiegogo.com. Aaron says:

"Beyond repairs, upgrading equipment and stock, and revamping VFB to look more inviting, we plan to install and lock down moveable shelves to make better use of the room as an intimate event space. Imagine panels! Readings! After-hours screenings! Saturday morning children's series! With $50,000 worth of renovations, VFB will be able to realize its fullest potential and offer extra incentives to both older and future generations of moviegoers, in a time when film culture itself is becoming a niche hobby."

After one day on indiegogo, the meter was up to $3,160, donated by 36 funders.

Photo from indiegogo.

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