Friday, June 1, 2012

That Didn't Take Long: Aereo TV Sued

Aereo TV service became available in New York City in March.

Now, News Corp.'s Fox, ABC and other broadcasters are in court to try to pull the plug on the startup, according to the Brooklyn Eagle.

The company, using thousands of miniature antennas (organized onto boxes "the size of a dish washer" like the unit, left) installed on top of a warehouse in Downtown Brooklyn, sends TV signals from major broadcasters to phones, tablets and Internet-connected TVs in New York for a monthly fee.

According to Gigaom, Aereo believes that by giving each user their own tiny antenna (and a DVR in the cloud), it can bypass legal challenges that have brought down companies in the past which tried to repackage free, over-the-air network television.

The case is being "closely watched" says the Eagle.

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Photo courtesy of Gigacom

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