Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What Is Going On at Brooklyn School JHS 78 Roy H. Mann?

Yesterday we read that a Brooklyn teenager was blinded in one eye after being assaulted in the cafeteria at Roy H. Mann Junior High School in Bergen Beach.

This isn't the first time things have gotten out of control at Roy H. Mann. In spite of the optimistic but outdated (2003) review at the respected, some of the more recent comments from students and parents paint a picture of a school where violence goes unchecked:

* "Me and my friends are constantly getting picked on or physically harassed by other students with no help from teachers."

* "Sending my child to this school was the worst thing I ever did. The teachers for the most part do not care and my child is not even safe there anymore.. Grade F."

* "The children are out of control because the faculty seems to not care."

* "I cant wait to say goodbye to all those mean and extremely rude unkind and uncaring teachers and those animals aka 'children.'"

* "We all remember Jack as a wonderful guy who everyone loved. (we thought) Later did we realize that he was being bullied every day by the same group of kids everyday ..." (Child committed suicide.)

Less than a year ago a boy died after falling down the school chimney after climbing scaffolding to the roof -- apparently, a common excursion for students.

What is going on here? Where are the grownups at Roy H. Mann? 

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Anonymous said...

It was bad even when I was attending there in the 1970's (76-79). I cab't recall how many fights I had there and I'm a girl. Nobody cared back then and they don't care today. Sad but true.