Thursday, June 7, 2012

Light Bulb Eating Magician Arrested for Brooklyn Bank Robberies

Magician and light bulb eater Robert J. Williams was arrested on Wednesday and charged with committing a string of Brooklyn bank robberies, the New York Times reports.

 Mr. Williams was in the process of writing a demand note on the back of a deposit slip at Apple Bank in Midwood when a teller recognized him from the last time he robbed the bank.

Police told the Times that beyond the six robberies for which Mr. Williams was charged, they suspect he robbed five other banks, including two in Manhattan

Williams (above left) was filmed for Zedalza New York chewing and swallowing a light bulb. His record for this activity is 33.86 seconds. (

Williams was aptly described by the New York Post as "A light bulb-scarfing wannabe circus freak."

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