Monday, June 18, 2012

Brooklyn Reps Call on MTA to Restore Service on B64 Bus Line

On Saturday representatives and Transportation Workers joined in a rally in front of the Ulmer Park Bus Depot in Brooklyn to protest cuts to the B64 bus line, which runs between Bensonhurst and Bay Ridge.

Democratic State Senate candidate Andrew Gounardes, Assemblyman William Colton and Transportation Workers United Local 100 said that service reductions on the B64 line have especially affected senior citizens, the disabled, and school children who rely on the bus line on a daily basis.

They want the MTA to restore full service to the B64 south of Harway Avenue/25th Avenue.

Gounardes said in a statement that the issue here is not just cuts to the B64 but the way the MTA makes decisions in general.

“The time has come for the people of southern Brooklyn to reclaim their transportation system. For too long, we've watched as an unaccountable MTA chipped away at our bus and train service and tone-deaf Albany politicians tried to cut transit even more. This March - while riders from Bath Beach to Marine Park struggled to get just to get to their doctors, schools, and jobs - State Senator Marty Golden and his fellow Republican leaders in Albany tried to cut $770 million in MTA funding!"

He added, "We have almost no say in how funds are spent or priorities determined . . . We need to find a permanent revenue source for our public transit system and not let the fate of our subways and buses be subject to the politics of budget games in Albany."

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