Friday, August 1, 2014

Chaos Breaks Out On Q Train in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn Thursday Night

From the scanner:

All hell broke loose in a car on the Q line in Brooklyn around 9 p.m. Thursday night.

The first caller to 9-1-1 was a third party, the dispatcher told cops. The caller said that "20 male blacks" were assaulting passengers in a car on the train, which was stopped at the platform at the Kings Highway stop between East 15th and East 16th Streets (Midwood /Sheepshead Bay).

 The cops taking the call asked, "How many?"

Dispatcher: "The third party says 20."

Shortly thereafter, a call came in to 9-1-1 from the train conductor.

He confirmed 20 males blacks had stormed car 9047 and were "assaulting the customers."

Cops were heading to the scene when another call came in saying the gang had left the Q train and were now headed for the B train.

 That's all we heard; will fill you in if there's an update.

(On top of that, the Q train was rated the dirtiest train in NYC.)

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Anonymous said...

The following is from the commanding officer of the 84th precinct. It looks like we are starting to blame the victims for the latest rise in grand larcenies.


Since the beginning of the year, our community is suffering from a significant increase in grand larcenies (GL). The majority of these thefts are attributed to individuals leaving property UNATTENDED.
The 84 Precinct has been aggressively combating this problem by deploying resources to areas of concentration, through an awareness campaign and by pursuing those responsible.
The attached poster is being forwarded to you so that you may print and post it in areas where others can be reminded of this PREVENTABLE crime. Many times GL thefts can lead to identity theft.

Theft of unattended handbags placed on strollers or shopping carts are easy targets. Keep your bag on your person and securely fastened closed at all times.

Unattended bags left hanging on the backs of chairs in restaurants are also quick scores for a thief, never leave bags where you can't see them.

Bags or valuables left in parked vehicles are another commonly stolen item, ensure all electronics are removed from view and packages locked in the trunk.

Cellphones are the most commonly stolen type of electronics-and they are stolen more often than currency -remain alert when using your device , keep it your possession at all times, and remember to activate all the security features your device has to offer (pin lock,find my phone etc.).

Remain alert, be aware- if you see suspicious activity say something! Contact the police and security immediately.
Please DO NOT leave your valuables unattended (wallet, purse, laptop, tablet, etc.).
Although some property lost can be replaced, ID Thefts is long lasting and life changing.

Please help us help you.
Captain Maximo Tolentino
Commanding Officer 84, Precinct

mcbrooklyn said...

Very weird -- their crime stats show very little increase in grand larceny -- but rape is way up.