Wednesday, August 27, 2014

LICH Nurses Drag SUNY Back to Court Today (Wednesday)

LICH: by MK Metz
Brooklyn has been ‘snookered again,” former LICH nurses told the Brooklyn Eagle.

Nurses and other workers obtained a technical restraining order against SUNY and Fortis Property yesterday, and will have their day in state Supreme Court at noon.

The court-negotiated settlement between SUNY and the community has been broken so many times (by SUNY) that we've almost stopped keeping track.

- There was the sham RFP process itself

- There were the politicians and appointees who worked behind the scenes against LICH

- There was the promise of affordable housing (Oops);

- There was the promise to preferentially rehire LICH nurses and other health care workers (former LICH nurses need not apply)

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