Friday, August 1, 2014

New Rite Aid Opens, Old One Closes, in Brooklyn Heights

New Rite Aid on Joralemon and Clinton. Photos: MK Metz
The new Rite Aid at the corner of Clinton Street and Joralemon in Brooklyn Heights (where a 24-hour deli operated for years) opened Thursday.

All we can say: It's a Rite Aid, the floors are nice and shiny, and there's a little patient room in the back where they'll be giving flu shots.

At night, it looks a bit stark.

Old Rite Aid on Montague Street closes
The old Rite Aid a block away on Montague Street is closed and shuttered. No telling what will go in the space. Shake Shack? CVS? Bank? Clothing store?

Or it could just sit empty for five years, like most vacant spaces do on Montague Street.

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