Thursday, August 7, 2014

Report: Ten Shots Fired in Crown Heights Early Wednesday

Kecko, Flickr
From the scanner:

An anynymous caller reported that 10 shots were fired at Dean Street and Revere Place / Kingston, a couple of blocks away from the Brooklyn Children's Museum.

The call went out at 1:50 a.m. early Wednesday.

Nothing further.

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Anonymous said...

Long time reader. Is there a new person running this blog? It used to have local news stories about Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill and interesting local things, but now reads like a police scanner, which is of no interest to me. Between that and the intense LICH Focus, bleh. It's your blog so kudos to you for keeping it up for so long since so many others flame out, but please let me know if this is the new direction so I'll stop reading and find someplace else. The fun stuff with your kid(s) was interesting, bodies in Jamaica Bay not so much. Please don't take this as a personal criticism--I don't read the Village Voice as much, either, because it has changed over time with fewer and fewer (or less and less, I forget which is correct) articles.

Anonymous said...

Love, respect, and appreciate your LICH coverage and comments!

mcbrooklyn said...

Commenter number one: No, same jokers running the blog as always. We apologize for the dirth of the usual fare. We've been tied up with a big project recently, but have just about wrapped it up and hope to be able to provide the same level of local coverage we have in the past.
Thank you so much for reading and commenting.