Thursday, August 21, 2014

Common Core: Weird Stuff Going On with NYC's State Test Numbers?

Photo: Renato Ganoza
 Leonie Haimson, the Executive Director of Class Size Matters, reveals some odd discrepancies in the number of kids the state says took the NYS Common Core tests, and the number the city says took them.

The state initially said more than 22,000 NYC kids opted out of the NY state ELA exams and more than 26,000 the math exams. This is more than three times last year.

It seems the state would have failed its own math exams.

"State officials suspect there was an error in the way a large group of city students were coded in the state database of third- through eighth-graders who took the tests," the state told the News.

Haimson said, "My response to all this: with such erratic and unreliable information, how can anyone trust any of the test score data from NYSED?"

Full story by Haimson here.

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