Saturday, August 2, 2014

That Loud Music Blasting Brooklyn Heights All Day Saturday, August 2

Really bad, really loud. Photos: MK Metz
That obnoxiously loud music playing in Cadman Plaza Park and echoing over Brooklyn Heights all day (and expected until 7:30 p.m. tonight) is for the benefit of a group that is supposed to represent the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Community:

Only it probably doesn't represent many in the community because almost no one showed up. For the first 3 hours of the noise, the only ones in the park were the crew members that set up the sound system.

The group says 5% of the money collected from vendors goes to GLBT organizations, but there were no vendors.

These photos show the height of the crowd around 6 p.m. Their vendor application website claims: "The past events were the size of 400 - 1000 and growing at that time."

They call the event "Family Day in the Park," only there are no families there.

People trying to walk through the park to get home are holding their hands over their ears because the music is so painfully loud.

Residents living along Cadman Plaza have called police, but what are the odds they will show up?

The same group played the same really bad, really loud music last year, including a three-hour rendition of "I Will Not Dance to Your War Drum" interspersed with Latinized Elton John tune.

This is the third weekend in a row where loud music was played in the park -- but no complaints about the previous two groups.

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Anonymous said...

Quit whining and taking nosy pictures. I bet your a pain to live near.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous re: quit whining -- you sound like a bigger pain

Anonymous said...

It *WAS* obnoxious and loud.
And even though there were not many in attendance, those who were were littering, smoking -forbidden in parks in NYC- and drinking.
A total nuisance.

Anonymous said...

Not for nothing, but there is another loud event today (one day later, Sunday Aug 3, 2014). Does anyone have any idea what today's thing is? Loud, pulsating amplified music, speakers every couple of minutes shouting into amplified microphones above the music. Can't area residents catch a break? Mon-Fri 24-hr noise construction, and Sat & Sun events with people playing pulsating music and speakers screaming at the top of their lungs into amplified microphones. Can't the city find a larger park that's not right across the street from so many numerous residences to hold these events? What can we do do get our council people, assembly & senate officials to take this stuff seriously. Why Cadman Plaza Park? It's getting ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

As far as those "rallies" go, I really don't mind them so much because they're generally only in the park for an hour or so, and then march over the bridge to protest in front of City Hall. But those noisy events on the weekend are absolutely nerve-wracking!

mcbrooklyn said...

There were 2 events Sunday -- one was the Chinese-American Walk-a-Thon -- a family event with dragon dances and ceremonial drums. The afternoon event was BP Adams Parade of Internation Friendship and mussic from other countries all afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Another Saturday ruined with loud music coming from Cadman Plaza Park. I called 311 15 minutes after it started. They sent the police and I got a notice that they have a permit. Who issues permits with no noise control on them. I'm wearing head phones to stay sane. Will tomorrow be more of the same?

mcbrooklyn said...

We were out of town for this one, but an online search found it was something called Rhoyal Fest, a sorority party.
Agree, these constant bashes in the park are getting a little old.
We feel bad for the folks at 140 Cadman Plaza West -- they have to deal with the constant noise from the Brooklyn Bridge construction, then this all weekend.

mcbrooklyn said...

You might also ask if they have an "amplified music permit." This has to be obtained in addition to the park permit.