Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wandering Zombi-Like Inside Brooklyn Trader Joe's, and Almost Working There

McBrooklyn had a strange, zombi-like experience yesterday while trying to find the office at the soon-to-open Trader Joe's.

We were looking for someone in charge to ask if anyone had been hired yet. (Trying to help out "Joe," who applied for a job as a food demonstrator there a month ago but hasn't heard back.)

Strangely, when we walked through the Court Street door and followed the signs to the office, there was no one to be found. We kept going then suddenly, from out of nowhere, we found ourselves in a line of people all walking to the interior of the store. More people lined up behind us.

It looked like a tour! We stayed in the queue and traveled all the way inside, then lined up near the back of the store with the others. There was no chatting. A serious-looking woman told us to wait for the rest to come in. It didn't look like a tour anymore.

Finally, we decided that we had better find out what we were signing up for, so we asked the guy standing closest to us what the heck was going on?

"This is our job training," he said. Oops! Time to go!

As we backed out we took a couple of quick shots. Glad to see the shelves are getting stocked with all of our Trader Joe's favorites.

But we feel sad for "Joe," as it looks like he will never achieve his Trader Joe's food demonstrator dream.

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Photos by MK Metz

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ha, that's hilarious.

Yes, we are training and will open soon. No more sneaking in though, we have our employee shirts now, you'll be easily identified. :)