Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Boymelgreen's Bank, Exploding Popcorn Machines, and Other Brooklyn Disasters

- Boymelgreen's bank has been shut down by the Feds. Brooklyn Eagle

- The popcorn machine caught fire again at the United Artists theater on Court Street. You know the drill, another evacuation. A Brooklyn Life (Note comments.)

- Splattered blood on the rocks, smashed turtle shells, a suspicious attempt at a campfire — and arson in the reedy underbrush. Welcome to Prospect Park.  Brooklyn Paper

- Many attended the vigil against bias crimes in Carroll Gardens Monday night.  PMFA 

- Mysterious sirens, garbled instructions, and startled residents near the Columbia Street waterfront Monday. The Word on Columbia Street

- Great tacos. Make that mind-blowing tacos, at Calexico on Union Street. (Note comments.) A Brooklyn Life 

- Toll on trees from the nor'easter: 20 in Prospect Park, 100 in Green-Wood Cemetery. Plus a couple of huge specimens down in Bay Ridge. Brooklyn Eagle

Did you miss the Brooklyn Mutt Show? Video here.  Quirky New York

- That stuff at the bottom of the Gowanus Canal? It's black mayo. NY Magazine

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Anonymous said...

the brooklyn popcorn fire is from September 2009 (note the post's date) and is not a recent event.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the theater fire caught my eye too, because I live down the block from the Court St. UA. Glad I got excited over nothing.

And the other post from A Brooklyn Life, about the tacos, is dated last June.

Anonymous said...

Looks like we're missing the headline "Dewey Beats Truman," too. Just kidding--I'm sure this was an accidental error as the blog in error just restarted operations.

mcbrooklyn said...

OMG - poster number three is right. We heard that A Brooklyn Life started again and got a flood of posts in our in box, which we were only too happy to link to. Sorry for the faux excitement.

Anonymous said...

All is forgiven. Even Homer nods.