Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NYU Wants to Build One Million Sq. Feet at Brooklyn's MetroTech

NYU wants to build one million square feet of new space in Downtown Brooklyn's Metrotech complex, site of Polytechnic University of NYU, according to the New York Times.

UPDATE: NYU says not exactly.

Part of the largest expansion in NYU's history includes plans for the Greenwich Village area, Brooklyn and Governors Island.

NYU told the Times that it is really trying, this time, to listen to its neighbors and not just try to steamroll the expansion plans through.

In January, officials at Poly laid out their preliminary plans for building improvements and the redesign of some areas of the MetroTech campus. According to the Brooklyn Eagle, the founder of the Jonathan Rose Companies, Jonathan Rose, presented examples of grand architectural transformations for inspiration, such as Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall and the new Cooper Union Building.

The overall aim, according to the NYU web site (Framework 2031, and the NYU Plans Space 2031 initiative), is "to provide the necessary square footage (estimated at 6 million square feet) to advance NYU’s academic trajectory while committing the University to contextual development that respects the character of the neighborhoods, improves the streetscapes and green spaces it shares with the community, and aims for a high standard of architecture."

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