Monday, March 29, 2010

Oysters Off Red Hook, Armed Robbers in Brooklyn Heights, and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Brooklyn's state senator Eric Adams has started a billboard campaign telling young men to pull their pants up.  JoeMyGod

- Now California's gay right wing is blaming Brooklyn. GayPatriot

- Armed robbers target the South Heights.  BHB 

- To deal with rising water levels, “Oyster-Tecture,” at MoMA, proposes massive underwater oyster villages along the Red Hook and Bay Ridge shorelines. Brooklyn Eagle

- Why do New York's mayors like to dress up, and why is the result always so disturbing? (video)  NY Magazine 

- Anthropologists will sift through a landfill on Staten Island for 9/11 remains. Village Voice

- Maureen Dowd suggests its time for a nun to become the Pope. NY Times

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