Monday, March 29, 2010

So How's the Gowanus Supercleanup Going?

Now that the Gowanus Canal has been Superfunded, crews have already started drilling core samples to figure out just what all that stuff is down there. To retrieve the core samples, contractors use special tubes made from industrial, heavy-duty plastic -- the type of plastic used in space helmets and bullet resistant windows, according to Tracking PlaNYC 2030.

So how's it going?

According to Ink Lake, the regional Superfund director calls the Gowanus, “as heavily contaminated a waterway as we’ve ever seen.”

First problem encountered: "The stuff is eating through the heavy-duty plastic that they use to drill core samples."

And it gets worse from here.

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Photo by Brainware3000, Creative Commons License

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Sarah said...

Here is a link to an interview with the regional EPA Superfund director and images of just how much gunk there is and how toxic it might be:

Sarah said...

Easier link: Characters of Gowanus EPA video