Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hard Working Ladies Can 'Woman Up!' in Brooklyn

You lug, you hammer, you strip and you glaze. Then you go home, pick up the kids and start the dinner.

A new business on Washington Avenue and Prospect Place caters to female construction workers, set designers and MTA workers.

BCAT TV Network brings us the story of Brooklyn's Diedre Olivera-Douglas, who was working in the predominately male world of construction and saw a need for clothing and equipment that properly fit the female form.

She put down her jackhammer and picked up her business plans for Woman-Up!, a boutique that supplies women with perfectly-sized work gloves, body braces, steel-toed boots and, naturally, pink hard hats. Customers are thrilled with pliers that actually fit in their hands and protective gear with just a touch of pink.

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