Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Huge NYU Brooklyn Expansion? Not So Fast, Says NYU

Backtracking from stories published in the New York Times and other papers that NYU would be building “a new engineering school in Brooklyn,” and adding a million square feet of space at MetroTech as part of an overall expansion, NYU told the Brooklyn Eagle Tuesday that any new additions to the Brooklyn Polytechnic campus would not be a million square feet, but a smaller amount on top of the university's already existing 700,000 square foot campus.

Which is already an engineering/ technology school, so it wouldn't exactly be a "new engineering school."

And any construction that did happen would not actually be happening right away, "but not until the second and third phases" of the plan . . . 

That noise you hear is the sound of a balloon slowly deflating.
Photo by MK Metz

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