Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blogging Brownsville's Skies for Aliens, Etc.

Those recent videos of UFOs over Williamsburg have created a frisson of excitement across the media. (We've always wanted to use the word frisson in a post.)

Now we've heard from Yvonne, who lives in Brownsville and blogs about UFOs, aliens and government secrets. Her web site is called "Blogging Brownsville's Sky's for Aliens, UFOs and Stargates" and it's packed with interesting videos.

The blog description reads: "I've google searched and read mountains of UFO documents and have come to a stunning conclusion that needs to be blogged. The rabbit hole is deep and leads to information people have been killed for even speaking about. But I'm not scared - I'm here online in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Who's going to believe me?"

We believe you Yvonne!

Photo by Kevin Dooley, Creative Commons license

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