Thursday, July 4, 2013

2013 NYC Fireworks, From an Apartment in Brooklyn Heights

Photos: MK Metz
This year we watched the 2013 Macy's NYC Fireworks from a window in a tall apartment building in Brooklyn Heights. We shot these photos with a zoom; the fireworks actually appeared further away to the naked eye.

 For those not familiar with the controversy, the fireworks were shot off from barges in the Hudson River, on the far side of Manhattan Island, giving the best views to west Manhattanites and New Jersey residents.

People living in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island who couldn't find a berth on top of a skyscraper were mostly out of luck. (A couple of parks in Williamsburg and Greenpoint have fairly unobstructed views.) The poor Bronx is out of it altogether.

We noticed that a lot of people in Brooklyn this year set off fireworks from the top of their buildings. There sure were a lot of sirens.

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