Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why Would People Pay $50 to Throw Tomatoes at Each Other in Brooklyn?

Photo: Tomato Battle
The news that literally thousands of people will be throwing tons of tomatoes at each other in a field in Brooklyn this Saturday doesn't surprise us in the least.

What does surprise us is that people are paying $50 to participate! (OK, less if they snagged a discount at Living Social).

People, you can get rotten tomatoes behind any grocery or market and throw them anywhere you want for free.

And get out of our yard.

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Anonymous said...

It was awesome and a great experience. Given the fun stuff you highlight on this blog, you (and your kids) would've enjoyed.

The real story is that the tomatoes weren't rotten or unfit for consumption. They were hard and fully ready for eating, and looked great (Fairway quality). It was quite a surprise given the often quoted press release of only rotten tomatoes. It didn't bother me except when I got hit with one, which hurt more than the expected soft ones. I didn't mind the wasted food (hunger is a political issue, not availability, since there's plenty of food but no political will to make it available to poor people. see, e.g. the Republican votes on SNAP), but I don't like the false statements made by Tomato Battle that only rotten tomatoes were to be used. Someone should check the invoices and purchase orders to establish the lie.

mcbrooklyn said...

Knew it! Don't think it's late enough in the season yet for that many rotten tomatoes.