Monday, July 29, 2013

If You Were in Brooklyn Heights or DUMBO During 9/11 You Will Want to Read This

Map: CDC
We just learned that people who lived, worked or attended school in most of Brooklyn Heights or DUMBO during the September 11, 2001 terror attacks are eligible for a government program that will monitor their health and provide benefits if they get sick from the attack.

No one we asked who lived in this area knew about this program. (UPDATE: Actually there are two programs -- the Victim's Compensation Fund, which has a deadline to apply, and The World Trade Center Health Program, with no deadline yet.)

Many respiratory illnesses, GI problems, and cancers have come about as a result of exposure to the witch's brew of toxins that spewed out over Brooklyn for months after the World Trade Center attacks. Lots of people have developed anxiety as well.

The CDC says that illnesses like cancer are still developing and may continue to appear into the future.

Full details in the Brooklyn Eagle.

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Anonymous said...

Cobble Hill, too. It didn't just see Atlantic Ave and decide to stop.

mcbrooklyn said...

Some places in Cobble Hill were worse than Brooklyn Heights, at least on Sept. 11. Gray dust coated all the cars and burnt paper was falling on the streets.