Monday, July 8, 2013

Save LICH: Rally at Gov. Cuomo's NYC Office Monday, July 8. Buses from Cobble Hill

Photo: MK Metz
Rally at Gov. Andrew Cuomo's NYC office on Monday, July 8 from 4 - 6 p.m. to tell the Governor to keep Long Island College Hospital (LICH) open.

The Governor has ignored marches, letter from local representatives, actions in Albany and thousands of letters, petitions and emails from residents asking him to stop SUNY Downstate from destroying a crucial hospital in Cobble Hill and stealing its real estate.

Brooklyn Heights Association buses will leave at 2:45 p.m. from the LICH's Hicks Street entrance. Gov. Cuomo's office is located at 633 Third Avenue (40th Street).

On Sunday, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio stood with hospital staff, neighbors and community activists and called on Governor Andrew Cuomo to personally intervene on behalf of Brooklyn’s safety-net hospitals.

Citing the loss of St. Vincent’s Hospital in Greenwich Village and others across the five boroughs, De Blasio warned the imminent closures of LICH and Interfaith Medical Center would "hollow out community healthcare in Brooklyn and carry devastating consequences for residents."

In a letter to the Governor sent this weekend, De Blasio urged “bold, strong action at the state’s highest level to ensure both LICH and Interfaith remain open and serving their communities.” Governor Cuomo appoints a majority of SUNY’s board of trustees, and his State Department of Health must sign off on any decision to close, restructure or transfer ownership of hospitals like LICH.

De Blasio's letter to Gov. Cuomo is here.

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