Thursday, July 4, 2013

Where to See the July 4th, 2013 Fireworks From Brooklyn

They won't look like this 1883 lithograph Tweeted by the Met.
We're linking to our research from previous years regarding watching the Macy's 2013 Fourth of July fireworks from Brooklyn.

Note: The best views are from the west side of Manhattan, as the fireworks are, once again, in the Hudson River. This guide is for folks who want to stay in Brooklyn regardless of the view.

Summary: East River State Park in Williamsburg offers one of the best views from our borough, definitely better than the view from DUMBO or Brooklyn Heights.

Photo: MK Metz
The park offers a straight across view, unobstructed by tall buildings or bridges. Here's what you'll see (that's the Empire State Building right of center).

Here are two comments after previous years' fireworks:

"Wow, thanks for this! My husband, daughter, and I went to East River State Park at your suggestion. Terrific view! The fireworks looked so beautiful emerging from behind the skyline. We never would have chosen this site on our own... didn't even know about this lovely park!"

And another:

"Agree. Went to DUMBO last year, think the Williamsburg view is better."

Note: You can take the East River Ferry to Williamsburg but service ends before the fireworks are over.

NOTE: : Get there early -- the state closed East River Park one minute before the fireworks started last year (2012).

The Brooklyn Eagle reported that the state park service closed the East River State Park after it reached capacity, or roughly 4,000 people, right before the fireworks started: "So many people were pouring into the park 'crowd control became an issue,' John Phillips, a park supervisor, told the Eagle. 'It just got to the point where we had to lock the doors.'”

But Karen Phillips, director of the NYC Region of NYS Parks & Recreation promised that the park would be ready for its new-found popularity by next July 4, 2013. So it looks like 2013 is a go. More here.

Brooklyn Bridge Park (the north end). You can only see a tiny bit of the higher fireworks from here. Probably not worth bothering.

Other areas recommended by readers: Valentino Pier in Red Hook, Grand Ferry Park in Williamsburg, Transmitter Park in Williamsburg, or the 69th Street Pier in Bay Ridge.

Coney Island: The fireworks after the ball game may be smaller than Macy's elaborate display, but at least we can see them from Brooklyn. (Leave now; the B36 bus is experiencing delays  due to crowds.)

The Cyclone Rollercoaster, Luna Park NYC and Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park, were set to reopen at 3pm. City officials have lifted the "freeze zone" around the Astrotower after overnight efforts to stabilize the tower proved successful. lists Coney Island July 4 events.

Here the link to photos we took from other viewing options in Brooklyn.

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