Saturday, July 27, 2013

Emergency Rally at LICH in Brooklyn on Sunday at Noon

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and Se. Daniel Squadron at a rally last week. Photo: MK Metz
An emergency rally to save Long Island College Hospital (LICH) will be held at noon on Sunday, July 28.

SUNY Downstate had planned to close LICH on Sunday but a restraining order remains in affect.

In spite of this, SUNY has accelerated its illegal actions against LICH - closing down units, putting 650 employees on leave, having armed SUNY Security guards patrolling the hospital and trying to illegally prevent patients from entering.

This is the work of thugs.

Since SUNY started diverting ambulances and ejecting patients, losses at LICH have grown from roughly a million dollars a month, if that much, to $15 million a month -- according to SUNY, which won't allow anyone to inspect their books. SUNY now says they want to close the hospital because it's losing money.

SUNY plans to sell LICH's valuable real estate to bail its own poorly-managed hospital out. SUNY's diversion of ambulances from LICH has already thrown emergency departments across Brooklyn into chaos, with ambulances filled with patients lined up outside Methodist Hospital in Park Slope, for example, from 1 - 9 hours.

That's up to 14 ambulances unavailable to save lives off the street for hours.

Come to LICH at the southeast corner of Hicks Street and Atlantic Avenue in Cobble Hill on Sunday.

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