Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Is This Gowanus Canal Cleanup Plan Half-Assed? And More Brooklyn Briefs

Hillary's decision to locate her campaign HQ in Brooklyn Heights: Good? Bad? See above.

- New York conservation officials are inviting public comments on proposed plans to continue cleaning up contamination along the Gowanus Canal. [Brooklyn Eagle] ..... But ... Is DEC's plan half-assed? [PMFA]

- Rich people's problems: One Brooklyn Bridge Park couple can't find each other in sprawling 11,000-foot condo, made by putting together 9 smaller condos. [Gothamist]

- An Edward Snowden bust was briefly erected in Fort Greene Park by gorilla artists, then carted away by city. [AnimalNY] .... "Personally, I think it's pretty cool," said a parks source. [NY Daily News]

- Smorgasburg food porn from this past weekend's opening at Brooklyn Bridge Park. [Brooklyn Eagle]  

- The NYC Department of Transportation announced it has been throwing away all those “love locks” that couples attach to the Brooklyn Bridge. [CBSlocal]

- The Parks Department has agreed that the best site for a contentious set of boardwalk bathrooms is at the Coney Island Avenue entrance, not in front of a posh condo. [Sheepshead Bites]

- Texas, California, Florida, Virginia, and Massachusetts are all poaching New York's major medical researchers -- along with their funding, staffs, and projects. [Gotham Gazette]

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