Wednesday, April 1, 2015

NYS Budget Includes $500 Million for Central Brooklyn Hospital; LICH Not Cold Yet

Gov. Cuomo.
The state budget passed during the wee hours on Wednesday morning included $700 million for capital spending on hospitals in Brooklyn – including $500 million for a new hospital in East New York, the Brooklyn Eagle reported.

The budget "does not specify which hospitals would actually receive the money, which would be distributed 'at the discretion of the Commissioner of Health without a competitive bid or RFP process,'” the Eagle reports.

This opens the door to the corruption Brooklynites are so used to, as witnessed during Gov. Andrew Cuomo's appalling and tragic closure of Long Island College Hospital (LICH) in Cobble Hill.

LICH is being sold to a politically-connected developer for about that same amount of money it will cost to build a new hospital.

The facility is closed but still not cold. The Eagle reported that the LICH lawsuits continue.

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