Monday, May 21, 2012

Not Everyone Happy About Willoughby Plaza, Downtown Brooklyn

Looking south along Adams Street service road. MK Metz
Just last week McBrooklyn wrote about how nicely Willoughby Plaza in Downtown Brooklyn was shaping up. The landscaped plaza will wrap around the southwest corner of 345 Adams Street.

Now we hear that a staffer at Brooklyn Friends, a private school around the corner from the plaza, is expressing concerns about the plaza.

The staffer told the Brooklyn Eagle that with the surrounding streets closed or redirected, "the only way to make deliveries to the new restaurants and businesses at 345 Adams St. will be along the narrow, short and dead-end Pearl Street, where Brooklyn Friends has its front door and the restaurants have their rear entrances."

"All I see are delivery trucks day and night," the staffer said. "God forbid there's a fire. How would we get all of these kids out of the building?"

The headmaster of Friends, however, says the school is engaging in measures to ameliorate the problem, such as changing the fire drill procedure. More at the Brooklyn Eagle

Photo by MK Metz 

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KP said...

what? are the trucks literally blocking the door to the building so no one can get in or out?

mcbrooklyn said...

According to the Brooklyn Eagle, it's probably more a question of getting emergency vehicles to the school. (Fire trucks etc.) Sorry we didn't make that clear.