Friday, May 4, 2012

OK To Come Packin' Heat To the Republican Convention in August

Water guns banned; handguns OK.
Water guns will be strictly prohibited in the sure-to-be turbulent streets of Tampa, Fla. during the Republican National Convention in August. Concealed handguns, however, will be perfectly legal.

According to ABC News, Florida Gov. Rick Scott said this week that banning handguns from downtown Tampa during the convention, as the city’s Mayor Bob Buckhorn requested, “would surely violate the Second Amendment.”

According to the Florida Courier, more than 800,000 Floridians have permits to carry concealed weapons.

The city did pass a temporary security ordinance, however, which prohibits sticks, lumber, chains and water guns

We have no problem with handguns at the Republican convention. But we protest the ban on water guns. As one Reddit commenter so eloquently put it, "If you ban water guns, only criminals will have water guns."

Photo by Johnthescone, Creative Commons license

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