Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What's Going On with Occupy May Day in NYC?

Here's a little snapshot of the May Day OWS activity as of 10:55 a.m.:

A march over the Williamsburg Bridge (ending up at Wall Street) has kicked off from Brooklyn's Continental Army Plaza. (Picture)

We can report that at the Brooklyn Bridge (Brooklyn side), the TV trucks have turned off their motors as absolutely nothing is happening.

In Manhattan, a midtown march is picking up more marchers at Madison and 47th. (Twitter) Picketers are marching outside Chase on 6th Ave. Scanner: Disordly group reported.

Scanner: Powdery substance reported?

Scanner: In Manhattan, police are chasing down a group of about 75 marchers trying to cut across 5th Avenue, going East.

A band is playing "Which Side Are You On?" outside hedge fund manager John Paulson's office. (Picture)

Scanner: "The guys on 4-2, get them out of the street. All the officers, get 'em on the sidewalk."

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chickenunderwear said...

Lots of sleepy cops all around Borough Hall today.

Anonymous said...

And at the A train. Undercover wearing 1969 rock concert shirts...